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About Todd Hoins

Todd has been in the insurance business for 28 years where most of his life has been working direct mail leads. He started with Bankers Life and sold primarily Medicare and Long Term care insurance. Direct mail is a great way to build a client list; many of his clients have been from his direct mail program. Todd was sponsored by the Nebraska Health Care Association for his Long Term Care Workshops he worked in Community Colleges in Nebraska.

Todd is a Certified 403b & 457 plan Specialists and works with teachers and public employees in Nebraska helping them with their 403b & 457 plans; he finds this is a great way to open them up to opportunities in these institutions. He has replaced his seminar marketing with his public employee program. He has opened up millions in annuity sales by advising teachers and county/state employees on retirement options.

Todd created a Professional Sales Lifestyle program; this is a mentoring program for anyone who wants to rebrand themselves. He personally has been working for six years in the program and continues to build on the main focus of the plan; he created a Generic Information Kit to give to clients to build his relationship value with them.

He credits his wife with his business career. She was a major influence in his sales being always supportive and a great friend as well. They have five children and she has been his guiding light for his personal life.

Success is just around the corner, stay on track and always know that you need to market yourself and not the product.

Today picture yourself five years down the road, if you donít like the picture then talk to me, we can help you create an image you will find not only more appealing but you also may find it will increase
happiness and your income.

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Phoenix Professional Tower
3033 N. Central Ave. Suite 435
Phoenix, AZ 85012

888.939.0135 Toll Free
602.795.6270 Local
602.795.6705 Fax

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